Pilgrimage Begins

Car loaded. Technology tutorials for laptop, phones, ipods, chargers, etc)  given by Patrick. Organic half&half in the top of the cooler for coffee stops. Thinking of how my friend, Sophie Takada was talking about how important it is to be willing to be UNcomfortable. I have done a lot of work to try and keep the girls comfortable on the road, but am willing to try to be a little uncomfortable when need be.

Dirt mixed with Rainwater and Horn Manure/500 collected and ready for dispersal along the route. Also supplies for collecting Dirt from around the country to bring back to Atlanta.

Read Rudolf Steiner’s prayer for the Folk Spirit & checked for article from Laura Ingalls Wilder to send us off- she wrote this one, “Left Out and Pushed About” in July 1917- 100 years ago/she was 50. Just five years older than I am now. ¬†It’s about women speaking up in leadership roles and how men and women both have a part to play in conscious equality.

The last section is especially interesting from an anthroposophical point of view: it is about two knights having a disagreement & how they would have benefited from standing in each’s other point of view. I am really grateful that I found this one, this morning as we head out, because it reminds me to think about the Grail Quest and the holy act of questioning and leaving home to seek meaning.

Thanks for all the loving words and thoughts and prayers. Thanks to Patrick for all the behind the scenes work on this pilgrimage. I’ve got a picture of Pa (Charles Ingalls) on the ¬†maps because it was Pa who led the way for his wagon full of women folk to join with the Spirit of America. God bless Pa!

Also, a warm and loving thought to Granddaddy Hal as we are touring in the Toyota Sequoia that we inherited when he passed away two years ago. Thank you Hal, I am so glad that you’ll be with us on the trip.


2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage Begins

  1. Cool that you are collecting dirt along the way! A little dirt ballast never hurt a journey… I still treasure a collection of rocks from my cross-country driving days in my 20s… Love to the Foster ladies!


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