Annie Oakley & Sitting Bull

The visit to the Annie Oakley exhibit at the Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio was well worth the trip. It is a permanent exhibit in two rooms, filled with artifacts and photos, and even a short movie of Annie shooting. I am so impressed with her courage, resilence and grace. She truly is an example of a Strong & Good Woman. Here are some quotes to illustrate her pluck:




Things to note & facts I want to consider further (when the girls are not in the hotel room distracting me):

Annie’s maiden name was Moses.


Annie’s life is almost exactly coincided with Rudolf Stiener’s. She lived 1860-1926.

Annie developed a very close relationship with Chief Sitting Bull. Before I left Atlanta, Patti Smith and I were discussing Manifest Destiny. I bought a postcard of Sitting Bull at the Garst museum and on the back it mentions Manifest Destiny as a Being. Very interesting! I am eager to start researching and considering this further. Today we are visting the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, here in Illinois. I am specifically looking for recorded examples of Strong Native American Women, and now watching for anything to do with Manifest Destiny.




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