Just follow the signs to the Mother of America

So many amazing things are happening on this journey and yesterday was no exception. We had been on the road a couple of hours and we were ready for a stretch break when I saw the sign for Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. We had the time to spend and I always love a good shrine, so I followed the signs to La Crosse. We crossed the Mississippi River and drove up a beautiful hillside. I was stunned at what we discovered there.

Pictures cannot do justice to the site. It smelled like sweet lilies and wild bunny rabbits hopped across our path several times. There are exquisite sculptures – beautiful sacred goddesses- along the path winding up a hill to a sanctuary devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is an incredible story behind the miracle and I am eager to do more research as to how our Lady of Guadalupe, sometimes referred to as the Mother of the Americas, is related to Columbia and Anthroposophia in America. For now, here are a few pics & please, please if you are ever close enough to visit, please do! It is so totally worth it. Also, now I am starting to think about a women’s pilgrimage that we can do in a few years … to holy sites that honor the sacred feminine…imagine what fun it would be to go on tour together!






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