Walnut Grove Experience: The books vs the TV series

Just a quick minute to write, but wanted to note about the strange experience here in Walnut Grove.

I am personally interested in this stop because it is where The Banks of Plum Creek happened. Well, it turns out that Walnut Grove is also the town where most of the Little House TV series was set. And this town is very proud of that fact!

Now, being Waldorf girls, my girls have never seen the TV show. So when at the museum here and in the local cafe they were seeing posters and framed pictures of the actors, they were confused about who these people were? The Ingalls in color? So funny trying to explain who they were! So then we go through the museum and, oh my! A whole room devoted to the TV show, with props, autographed pictures and an episode playing on the screen in the corner. If course they wanted to watch!

Well, we have read all the books several times (if not dozens of times) so hopefully Sophie and Pippi have their own images already living inside. And you know eventually they will see the show, and see Michael Landon as Pa, and Melissa Gilbert as Laura. So i guess if you are going to see it for the first time, in the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in the actual Walnut Grove is as good a place to do it as any.

What is the word I am looking for? Surreal? Anachronistic? Is there a word for loss of innocence but in the most painless way possible? Is that just growing up? I’m thinking about 1880’s (Laura’s actual time in Walnut grove) 1970’s (the time of the TV series) and 2017 (now) and how they all weave together… in Laura, in me, in my girls, as I write this blog on my iPhone in the museum. This is NOW.


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