Heading to Florida to Think by the Water

Well Friends, that was an amazing whirlwind. We made it 3700 miles, through 14 states, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. That last week we did so much & drove so far that I barely had time to process anything that wasn’t the Now.

We saw the “Fragments of a Dream” pageant on the banks of Plum Creek, we visited the 4th of the Laura sites- her final home in Mansfield, Missouri, and we ended by visiting Helen Keller’s birthplace in Alabama.

The trip was incredible on so many levels! America is Beautiful. People are so nice. And Angels watched over us every mile of the road.

After Laura and Almanzo married in 1885, they had a rough couple of years. The crops didn’t do so well, the house burned, they lost an infant son and they got diphtheria. So they decided to leave South Dakota. In the early 1890’s they traveled to Florida for a brief time (before finally settling on the Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri). So…In keeping with Laura’s thread, I am heading to Florida for a week with the family. My plan is to write more about our trip while I am there. Patrick will be with us (yay!!) and we will be in one place for the whole week, so I might actually be able to process a tiny bit of what the trip was like. If you are still following our blog, thank you! and thanks for being patient for the posts. More soon!



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